Casting Simulation System ADSTEFAN


Effective utilization

  • Reduction of Time: Time Reduction for Development/Designing , Decreasing numbers of prototypes.
  • Reduction of Cost: Cost reduction for prototypes, Reduction of designing costs.
  • Improvement of Quality: Preventing casting defects, Improvement of yield rate, Improvement of product reliability.
  • Grasp of defect causes: Grasp and countermeasures for the defects from the simulation results.
  • Accumulation of Technology: Accumulating and handing technology and know-how of designing data.

Defects assessment of casting products

Appropriate solvers are available depending on types or features of defects.

Defects assessment of casting products

Assessed defects

Analysis method

Misrun, Cold shut, Flow line,
Oxide inclusion, Air inclusion
Cold flakes
Hot spot
Thermal Deformation
Solvers Fluid Flow Analysis Basic -
Surface Tension -
Back Pressure -
Sleeve Analysis - - -
Solidification Analysis Basic -
Basic - ◎Shrinkage, Porosity
Die Temperature Analysis Die Temperature -
CSM Die Temperature - - -
Thermal Analysis Heat Treatment - -
Thermal Stress - -

○: Standard assessment ◎: Further assessment

Operation Flow with ADSTEFAN

Operation Flow with ADSTEFAN